Monday, 19 March 2007

Pakistan Coach Bob Woolmer Dead

PAKISTAN coach Bob Woolmer died in hospital overnight after being found unconscious on the floor of his vomit-spattered hotel room at the World Cup in the Caribbean.

Pakistan was knocked out of the World Cup yesterday (AEDT) after a shock three-wicket defeat to Ireland, and Pakistan captain, stricken with grief over Woolmer, announced his retirement from the limited-overs game this morning.

Woolmer was last seen in public when he addressed the post-match media conference at the Sabina Park ground.

Ironically, he talked of the stresses of the coaching job.

"Doing it internationally, it takes a toll on you - the endless travelling and the non-stop living out of hotels," he said.

Woolmer's son Russell said the stress of coaching a cricket-ccrazy country was perhaps a factor.

"We've been speaking to the doctors and they think it is either stress or a heart attack," Russell Woolmer told South African radio in Cape Town.

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Garam Chai said...

As far as I am concerned, he didn't die of stress or heart attack 'til that is proven. There is too much at stake in World Cup as far as India--facing an early exit at this point in time--and Pakistan--already out of the tournament--are concerned and nothing can be ruled out in Bob Woolmer's death.

paulyt said...

Yeah, I don't understand how they can say stress when they found vomit everywhere. Sounds like either an overdose or he was poisoned