Tuesday, 20 February 2007

World Cup Betting - Where to get the best prices.

As with most tournaments with various countries you will find that if a country's team has a realistic chance of winning it their odds will be a lot shorter in their own country than in other countries. Take for example, Australia. In Australia the best price you will get for the Aussie team winning the world cup is about $2.90 for a $1 bet. Most if not all bookies in Aus have them at $2.85 or $2.90. You can get juicy prices of around $9 for England, India and Sri Lanka. I will list selected countries (starting with Australia, more will come in the next few days) and the best prices I can find for each country in those countries. (I've only checked a few for each as they will all be similar. If you find better prices or even run a betting site and you have better prices let me know by leaving a comment and a link.)
Australia - $2.90 Sportingbet
South Africa - $5.25 Sportsbook
Pakistan - $10 Sportsbook
New Zealand - $9 All of them except Sportingbet
India - Sportsbet and TAB Sportsbet
Sri Lanka - Sportsbet
England - $9.50 Sportsbook
West Indies - $8.50 Sportsbet and Sportsbook
Bangladesh - $251 - All except sportsbook
Zimbabwe - $501 All except sportsbook
Kenya - $601 Sportsbook
Bermuda, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Holland - $2,501 Sportsbet

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