Sunday, 18 February 2007

Highest run chases of all -time

UPDATE: 5th November 2009 - CLICK HERE to see the highest successful run chases in India.

UPDATE: 2 days after this post was posted NZ chased down 347 agaisnt Australia to add themselves to 2nd place again and bump their old high score down to third place. All the others also move down 1 place and the 7/316 Indis scored against Pakistan at Dhaka in 97/98( Scorecard) moves out of the top 10.

Having failed to defend 5/336, Australia now has the unwanted record of the top 3 highest scores unsuccessfully defended. The worrying thing is these have all come in the last 12 months.

Stand-in skipper Michael Hussey isn't worried about this fact or the team's form coming into the world cup which starts next month "We can't afford to panic, we can't afford to start making wholesales changes or anything like that," said Hussey "I know big totals being chased down is an area of concern and we're going to have to get better at it, but I still think we've got the right people in the team and in the squad."

The list of the top 10 totals batting second in ODI history.

1. 9/438 SA v AUS Johannesburg 05/06 Scorecard
2. 9/350 NZ v AUS Hamilton 06/07 Scorecard
3. 5/337 NZ v AUS Auckland 06/07 Scorecard
4. 8/332 NZ v AUS Chirstchurch 05/06 Scorecard
5. 7/330 AUS v SA Port Elizabeth 01/02 Scorecard
6. 8/326 IND v ENG Lord's 02 Scorecard
7. 5/325 IND v WI Ahmedabad 02/03 Scorecard
8. 2/324 SRL v ENG Leeds 06 Scorecard
9. 7/319 PAK v IND Ahmedabad 04/05 Scorecard
10. 4/316 AUS v PAK Lahore 98/99 Scorecard

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