Sunday, 24 January 2010

Highest run chases at the SCG.

Pakistan will be chasing 268 to win in the 2nd ODI agaisnt Australia at the SCG. Let's take a look at the highest 2nd innings scores. The highest 2nd innings score is 299, the highest to win is 7/270. The 2nd highest to win is 2/260.

India 299 v Australia 2008 - Lost
SA 6/287 v Australia 2006 - Lost
Australia 6/275 v England 1999 - Lost
SA 7/270 v Australia 2009 - Won
NZ 269 v Australia 2009 - Lost
Australia 264 v Sri Lanka 2003 - Lost
Australia 2/260 v Sri Lanka 1999 - Won


jasong said...

Very interesting. 268 is gettable but it won't be easy

chetna gupta said...

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