Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Boycott the BCCI

It seems as though money talks. Cricket Australia should be ashamed of themselves, scared of losing some money if India went home. I would have called their bluff and refused to play them ever again.

India makes the bulk of it's broadcast rights money when they're playing Australia and it would have been worth more to them to play that for Australia. It's a fucking disgrace that Singh's charge was downgraded and it shows just how much power India has and how much power the other boards let them have.

I am refusing to watch any more games featuring India this summer and I call on everybody else to do the same.

Andrew Symonds should not have to put up with being racially vilified just because CA is scared of losing some money. As one anonymous contracted player told the Sydney Morning Herald "The thing that pisses us off is that it shows how much power India has" "The Aussie guys aren't going to make it [the accusation] up. The players are frustrated because this shows how much influence India has, because of the wealth they generate. Money talks."

The BBCI even chartered a plane to whisk their one-day squad from Melbourne - the venue for Friday's Twenty20 fixture - to Adelaide, so that they could fly home to India if the charges against Harbhajan were not dropped. The move was described by MV Sridhar, the team's assistant manager, as a "show of solidarity". What a load of bullshit.

If the ICC continues to allow the BCCI to dictate what happens in world cricket, a whole lot of people will eventually get so turned off that they will just stop watching.


Anonymous said...

You really should be looking at what Australian players also do on the field. They have been getting away with any rubbish they do under the guise of aggressive play. I guess you have forgotten all off that. Andrew Symonds is no saint himself.
I suggest you grow up...

paulyt said...

I don't mind the sledging and the other stuff, it's when it gets racial. As I said in the post, Lehmann got banned for racism once and Australia (basically) copped it sweet.

@purV said...

Mate, agreed it was one of those shabbiest displays by the CA-ICC-BCCI consortium, but at times problems aren't solved the way you think they are. Thats shit but thats diplomacy.. Aussie India contests are probably the most exciting ones, though the latter loses more often than not, but still. Tour called off, not playing in the future.. there's no end to it.

At times constant instigation on the field bites back, though it shouldn't the way it probably did!

Me_N_Ace said...


As you said, you don't mind the sledging and the other stuff. But how do you define the boundaries of sledging?

I agree that when it gets racial it has to be handled very very sternly. But then the judge has to be competent.

Try looking at the way the whole trial was handled initially. I don't wanna waste cyberspace rehashing what everyone knows.
Do you remember Rashid Latifs episode, when he was handed over a ban for unfair appeal? The match referee then was a certain Mr.Mike Procter.
The same match referee now doesn't seem to mind that Ponting did the same thing?? This is nothing but a glaring example of double standards or I could say racism.

Nevertheless, I guess all these nasty incidents are best buried six feet under. Time to go and play good cricket.